moving choppers from middle east to alabama

2x Cobra Attack Helicopters
When the industry thinks of cargo as high value, high tech, they think of Helicopters. It’s understood to be “high level,” important, sensitive cargo. The Global Shipping Project team in New Jersey was called upon to bring forward the best industry options to handle the Helicopters. The Helicopters needed to travel from a strategic Middle Eastern Country to its temporary new home in the USA. We were tasked with leaving the Middle East Nov 3 and arriving at the Principals door prior to November 27 (a Major Thanksgiving Holiday).

Origin: Aqaba Jordan
Destination: Huntsville Alabama USA
Timeline: 24 days pick up to delivery
The helicopters were loaded on a roll on-roll off vessel and were outfitted with special wheels and tow bars so that they could be pulled onto the ship. The vessel was not part of a regular service but was available to call on Aqaba to meet the timetable that Global Shipping was facing. We had to find a ship that was available. When considering how to ship the helicopters, whether by ro-ro vessel or conventional break bulk vessel, we had to consider when they would be ready for shipment, when our customer wanted to take delivery, and when a vessel might be available. This is very high-value cargo so we didn’t want the helicopters sitting in the port for too long. The aircraft were to be towed off the ship the same way they were loaded, and then placed by cranes on special flatbed trucks. But before that could happen the shipment had to be rerouted and the trucks repositioned because of voyage delays and bad weather. The helicopters were originally supposed to be offloaded in Jacksonville. But because of delays, bad weather in the gulf, and the need to deliver the cargo before Thanksgiving, we decided it would be best to offload the helicopters at the first call, in Beaumont, 85 miles east of Houston. To make that happen, we had to make sure Beaumont could accommodate the offloading with space and cranes and we had to get the special trucks and trailers over there from Florida. We also had to reroute the shipment on the roads, all at the last minute, to satisfy the delivery requirements.

Our Project Management team arranged a seamless transportation operation. This shipment was delivered 3 days prior to the deadline and with the Principals full satisfaction