k10 hyper compressor refinery delivery

1x K10 Crankcase
6.70x 4.00x 2.50 m
61 pcs fall off accessories/ misc crates

Under hook from mv Sluisgracht in New Orleans Port
Delivery to Chemical Refinery in Plaquemine LA
Timeline 5 days .

Due to the weight of the crank case the state department of transport denied road permits. Global Shipping was challenged to find a solution to transport the cargo to customer’s job site on time and safely. There were a few challenges along the way. Heavy Fog creating vessel delays, Lightning Storms preventing offloading, drawbridge on the Intercoastal Waterway broken just to name a few .

In the end a multimodal transportation solution was devised to transport the Crankcase and the remaining accessories. As the weight of the Crankcase was too heavy for port to handle it was loaded to directly to an inland deck barge using ships gear. It took great co-ordination with vessel owners and tow operators who would deliver the barge to ensure there was no lost time due to the foul weather. Once loaded to deck barge cargo would travel up the Intercostal Waterway system to an offload point that was approximately 10 miles from the receiving location. On the last leg of the tow from Port of New Orleans to Bayou Plaquemine (one mile from the offload point) a drawbridge was not able to function and lift the bridge. Working with local Department of Transport reps and our crew of welders we were able to get the bridge repaired in about 30 hrs due. Parts had to be delivered from Texas to repair. Bridge was repaired and we could finally complete our journey to the offload point. From there we utilized SPMT to remove the cargo from the barge, from this point we would use a tractor to tow the Crankcase the remainder of the journey to the refinery.

Smooth cargo delivery to customer and completed ahead of schedule despite the obstacles along the way.